📺 Virtually Connecting at #Domains19 Monday, June 10, 4:30 PM (Durham, NC time) | YouTube

Watched Virtually Connecting at #Domains19 Monday, June 10, 4:30 PM (Durham, NC time) by greeneterry from Virtually Connecting

On Monday afternoon we will be joined by Amy CollierLora Taub, Martin Hawksey, and members of the Domains 19 student panel, including Adelle Patten. Your onsite buddy will be Joe Murphy and virtual pal will be Terry Greene.

📺 Stephen Downes: Conversation with Ben Werdmuller | YouTube

Watched Conversation with Ben Werdmüller by Stephen DownesStephen Downes from YouTube

E-Learning 3.0 week 3 event with Ben Werdmuller. founder of Elgg, founder of Known, currently with Matter, on linked data, Indieweb, and related topics.

A great little overview of IndieWeb for the education crowd.

📺 Embarrassing 80’s – Ricky Gervais & Seona Dancing | YouTube

Watched Embarrassing 80's - Ricky Gervais & Seona Dancing from YouTube

Seona dancing was a 1980s British new wave group, best known for providing comedian Ricky Gervais with his first experiences as a public performer. Although the band were not successful, their single "More to Lose" went on to become a teen anthem in the Philippines.

In June 1982, in his final year as a student at University College London, Ricky Gervais and his friend Bill Macrae formed Seona Dancing, with Macrae writing the songs and playing keyboards and Gervais writing and singing the lyrics. After recording a sixteen-song demo tape, they were signed by London Records which released two of their singles: "More to Lose" and "Bitter Heart". In 1983, the duo performed their single "More to Lose" on the ITV syndicated children's television show Razzamatazz. Yet, despite the promotion of "Bitter Heart" through its music video and "More to Lose" by its TV performance, both singles failed to break the Top 40. With "More to Lose" charting at number 117 and "Bitter Heart" at number 79 on the UK Singles Chart. After the lacklustre performance of their two singles, the band split up in 1984.

Gervais went on to have a successful international career as a comedian and actor, while Macrae later embarked on a solo career, though he has not made any real media appearance since. When Jimmy Kimmel asked about Macrae in an interview in 2014, Gervais said jokingly, "I hope he got fat too."

📺 Crafting Your Digital Scholarly Presence | YouTube

Watched Crafting Your Digital Scholarly Presence from YouTube
In today’s fast-paced world where the Internet is the go-to research tool and information on any topic is just a click or tap away, one’s own digital presence is more important than ever. The College of Arts & Letters recognizes this, and starting August 2106, will offer all its graduate students and faculty a new kind of web hosting support. Read more http://www.cal.msu.edu/news/webhostingservice

This is a great short advertisement why academics and researchers should be a part of the IndieWeb as a means of owning and controlling their digital scholarly presence. This is obviously done from a bit of a DoOO perspective, but Christopher Long does a fantastic job here.

📺 Podcasting Basics | Week 2- Audio Gear | YouTube

Watched Podcasting Basics | Week 2- Audio Gear from YouTube

Week 2 od pA's #OneEpisodeChallenge covers the different types of audio gear required to record a podcast. This is a 4 part video series teaching you the basics of podcasting. Any questions will be answered with personal episodes in Podcast Q&A by plasticAudio on Anchor.FM. the following weeks will cover Audio Editing & Distribution.

📺 Podcasting Basics | Week 1- Show Concept | YouTube

Watched Podcasting Basics | Week 1- Show Concept from YouTube

Welcome to plasticAudio's video series on podcasting basics. This first week covers show concept. The next 3 weeks will cover audio gear, editing software, and distribution. These videos are part of my #OneEpisodeChallenge. After 4 weeks you'll have one episode of your new podcast series recorded, edited, and distributed across several platforms.

These videos are for anyone interested in learning about podcasting and businesses looking for a new way to reach customers.

📺 How to Set up Atom 1.0 with your Preferences | YouTube

Watched How to Set up Atom 1.0 with your Preferences from YouTube

Just download the new Atom 1.0 want to know how to set styles, keybindings, and themes? Maybe you are interested in installing a package into your editor. Find your answers in this video to make Atom 1.0 fit to your work style.

📺 Assistant v0.2 – Productivity Plugin for WordPress | YouTube

Watched Assistant v0.2 - Productivity Plugin for WordPress from YouTube
Assistant is an every day productivity tool for WordPress from the team that makes Beaver Builder. It exposes many of the tasks you do frequently right at your finger tips on the front end of your site. Assistant is free and is currently in the early stages of development and we welcome your feedback. This video is a look at our v0.2 release. You can install Assistant from the WordPress plugin repo for free. https://wordpress.org/plugins/assistant/

👓 The Most Measured Person in Tech Is Running the Most Chaotic Place on the Internet | New York Times

Read The Most Measured Person in Tech Is Running the Most Chaotic Place on the Internet (New York Times)
YouTube’s C.E.O. spends her days contemplating condoms and bestiality, talking advertisers off the ledge and managing a property the size of Netflix.