This site is Built with WordPress primarily using HTML with Microformats, CSS, and JavaScript.


Using IndieWeb Twenty Fifteen an IndieWeb friendly fork of the standard Twenty Fifteen Theme to which I’ve added some customization including better support for Microformats v2.


(in rough order of use/value/importance to me; not all-inclusive)

  • Micropub–for publishing quickly to my site;
  • Webmention+Semantic Linkbacks–for notifications and interactions with other sites;
  • Post Kinds+Parse This–for a variety of post kind presentations and mark up as well as for creating reply contexts;
  • Simple Location–for checkins and weather;
  • Syndication Links–for indicating syndication locations of contenta and simple syndication to a variety of websites;
  • WebSub/PubSubHubbub–for real time pings to other sites;
  • IndieAuth–for authenticating to my site with services like Micropub clients and Microsub readers among others;
  • ActivityPub + Node Info–makes my website appear to be a part of the Fediverse (Mastodon, et al.);
  • Link Manager+Links Page–for creating my following page and dovetailing OPML feeds to feed readers
  • POSSE plugins: Mastodon AutoPost, Social Network Auto Poster;
  • Room 34 presents On This Day–for looking back at past years and reminiscing;
  • WP Fragmention–allows targeting specific fragments on my website;
  • JSON Feed;
  • Akismet–anti spam;
  • All in One SEO;
  • All in One Webmaster;
  • Broken Link Checker;
  • Classic Editor;
  • WP Super Cache;
  • TinyMCE Advanced;
  • JetPack

More in-depth details about portions of this site can be found in posts tagged with administrative note or in my IndieWeb collection.

Micropub Clients

These are the primary Micropub clients I use to publish content to my website:

Other sites is built on WithKnown. Is built with TiddlyWiki and hosted via GitHub Pages. Details for setting this up can be found at Self-hosting TiddlyWiki with GitHub Pages.


Wikis is self-hosted and built on MediaWiki.

Zettelkasten Notes In an experiment starting in late winter 2022, this site is composed in Obsidian with text-based markdown files, hosted in Dropbox, and rendered using

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  1. A colophon is a page or section, like a footer, of a site that describes how the site is made, with what tools, supporting what technologies.

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