Two rows of four typewriters each lined up on opposite sides of a table.

Typewriter Collection

I started out in my youth swiping a small ultra-portable from my older brother so frequently that my parents got me a cheap, plastic PETITE 400 sometime about 4th grade. It really wasn’t up to snuff, so they later picked up a used Smith-Corona Clipper around 5th or 6th grade for me to use. 

Later on, that ceded way to a Panasonic word processor that got me through to early college before being superseded by a variety of computers. In my first few post-college jobs, I had occasional use of an IBM Selectric II whose primary use was for typing out envelopes.

In Spring of 2023, I recovered the old Smith-Corona Clipper from my parent’s basement and began noodling around with it again, and all the old touch memory for all of it’s functionality came flooding back.  

Since March of 2024, I’ve begun collecting and repairing a small segment of manual typewriters. I’ve got enough now that it’s probably worth having a page I can point to with a list of what’s in my collection. I’ve written about many of my machines, their cleaning, repair, and even some use along with lots of photos.

My Typewriter Collection

  1. 1948 Smith-Corona Clipper
  2. 196X Smith-Corona Galaxie Deluxe
  3. 1965 Smith-Corona Classic 12 (cleaning)
  4. 1957 Remington Rand Quiet-Riter
  5. 1985 Brother Charger 11 Correction (needs parts)
  6. 196X Remington Streamliner
  7. 1949 Royal Quiet De Luxe
  8. 1955 Royal Quiet De Luxe
  9. 1949 Smith-Corona Clipper (case)
  10. 1950 Remington Rand All New
  11. 1951 Smith-Corona Skyriter
  12. 1953 Smith-Corona Silent
  13. 1948 Royal Quiet De Luxe 

Typewriter Resources

I also keep a profile with some of my collection documented at the Typewriter Database.

While I write about some of my repair work and research, you can find some of my favorite additional typewriter information and resources below:

Typewriter Books, Movies, etc.

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