ITBio Researchers

A short, but growing list of researchers doing work at the intersection of information theory, biology, and associated fields.

Highlighted names include links to the researcher’s primary website and ensuing icons to their related social media sites where one can find their other web presences, work, and interact to facilitate communication. If you’d like to be listed, or to update your links, please email the relevant details or enter your details in our suggestion box.


Arieh Ben-Naim

Thomas Schneider†
– Molecular Information Theory

Tsvi Tlusty
– Theory of Life

Ilya Nemenman
– Theoretical Biophysics

Christoph Adami

Andrew Eckford

John Carlos Baez†*
— mathematical physicist

Hector Zenil
— a “computer natural scientist” or “information theoretic biologist”

Lior Pachter

Chris Aldrich

Uri Alon

Frank Emmert-Streib
– Computational Medicine and Statistical Learning

Jeremy L. England

Sara Imari Walker
– Theoretical physicist, Astrobiology & Origin of Life

Ivan B. Djordjevic
-Optical communications/networks, error control coding, coded modulation, turbo equalization, OFDM applications, quantum information processing, quantum error correction, QKD, and quantum biology.

Terry Sejnowski
– Computational Neurobiology

Peter J. Thomas

Toby Berger

Stefan M. Moser

Hubert Yockey

Rodrick Wallace

Peter Godfrey-Smith

Manish Gupta

José Guzmán

William Bialek

Philip Nelson

Carlos Gershenson   

John Avery   

Ian F. Akyildiz
– Broadband Wireless Networking

Hamed Hassani Saadi   

Artemis Hatzigeorgiou 

Erik van Nimwegen 

Ulf Andersson Ørom
– Long non-coding RNA

IBM Research – Physics of Information Processing in Living Systems

Viswanathan Arunachalam 

John Hawks    
– Anthropology

Chris Lee 
– Bioinformatics and genomics; applies information theory to experiment design and evolutionary biology

Biological Physics Group at Weizmann


Deceased Researchers

Werner R. Loewenstein (1926-2014)

Claude Shannon (1916-2001)

Norbert Weiner (1894-1964)

† Indicates attendee of BIRS: Biological and Bio-inspired Information Theory Workshop

Previous students/researchers

These are now working in other areas:

Ethan Buchman 
– Previously in Fudge Lab


Some journalists who do an excellent job of covering this area of research:

Philip Ball  Outlets for his work: Books on Amazon,, Scientific American, The Atlantic, The Guardian, Nautilus, Quanta Magazine, Prospect Magazine, Aeon, New Humanist, Chemistry World

To File

Alexander D. Wissner-Gross
Cameron Freer
Hildegard Meyer-Ortmanns
Eric Smith – Santa Fe Institute
David Wolpert – Santa Fe Institute
Artemy Kolchinsky – Santa Fe Institute
Suzanne Still
Gavin E. Crooks
David Sivak
Ilya Prigogine
Nick Lane
Jordan M. Horowitz student in Jeremy England lab
Michael Lässig, a statistical physicist and quantitative biologist at the University of Cologne in Germany
Rahul Sarpeshkar, a professor of engineering, physics and microbiology at Dartmouth College