Things I’d like to do before I “kick the bucket”:

  1. Meet Maya Angelou
  2. Have dinner with Ray Bradbury
  3. Work security at a Smithereens concert
  4. Refurbish one of the largest movie theaters in the world
  5. Discuss sex with chickens in the 70s with John Waters while we watch Richard Nixon’s funeral on television
  6. Get Jesse Jackson to sign my copy of Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss
  7. Write a joke for Robin Williams
  8. Help buy a pair of donkeys for the 75th birthday of a multi-billionaire just to show what one gets a man who truly has everything [1]
  9. Become an internet god

  10. Speak at WordCamp Santa Clarita
  11. Win Nobel Prize in Physics for unifying information theory/statistical thermodynamics, energy, and dark matter
  12. Win Oscar for Best Picture


A. Archerd, “‘Loca’ event raises over $6 mil,” Variety, 31-Oct-2000. [Online]. Available: http://variety.com/2000/voices/columns/loca-event-raises-over-6-mil-1117788468/. [Accessed: 24-Jun-2017]

3 thoughts on “Bucketlist”

  1. A bucketlist is a page or collection of events, activities, or life goals one wants to do, typically before dying (or idiomatically kicking the bucket).

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