The Art of Representation

Based on years of experience in various portions of the entertainment industry and courses I’ve offered on the topic, I have been working on a textbook covering the representation business. Despite the number of academic programs in a variety of areas covering the entertainment business, there are few, if any, reliable resources about the role that representation plays within it, leaving the majority of talent often at a loss for what is occurring in their own careers other than to know that it is a necessary function.


In addition to the wealth of career, business, and finance related advice within the book, I’m interviewing a broad spectrum of industry participants to include interesting anecdotes, quotes, and mini-case studies about how Hollywood functions.  If you’d like to participate in an interview for the book or have a story to add, please feel free to email me with the details, or a convenient time to set up an interview. Pending arrangements, I’m happy to accept verifiable anecdotes while maintaining the anonymity of sources, particularly in the case of highly illustrative examples.

Book Outline

Chapter 1: The Players
Chapter 2: Sellers: The Team
Chapter 3: Buyers: The Studio/Production Company (Financiers & Distribution)
Chapter 4: Information is King

Chapter 5: Work Flow Overview
Chapter 6: Life Cycle of a Booking
Chapter 7: Tools of the Trade
Chapter 8: Selling/Booking Clients: The Flesh Trade
Chapter 9: The Art of the Deal
Chapter 10: Evlauating the Agency Business
Chapter 11: Signing Clients

Chapter 12: The Mailroom
Chapter 13: Differences in Agency Operation
Chapter 14: What makes a great Agent/Manager
Chapter 15: Changing Shops

Chapter 16: Agent and Manager: One, both, or none?
Chapter 17: Agent personalities
Chapter 18: Big Clients and Small Clients
Chapter 19: Changing Agencies
Chapter 20: Career Management
Chapter 21: What’s left once you’re a superstar?
Chapter 22: Foreign Representation
Chapter 23: Tools of the Trade
Chapter 24: Child Representation
Chapter 25: Being Proactive

Chapter 26: Publicity
Chapter 27: Business Managers
Chapter 28: Producing Deals
Chapter 29: The Studio

Chapter 30: Future of Representation & Hollywood

Bibliography/Recommended Reading
Boilerplate Contracts