Replied to IndieWeb Camp San Diego Day 2 by Joe CrawfordJoe Crawford (

IndieWeb Camp San Diego [1] [2] has been a blast. Great bunch of people and great ideas in a terrific outdoor context.

A group of IndieWebCampers sitting around a low table at an outdoor coffee shop working on laptops.
Yes, that was me, the weirdo on the right at IndiWebCamp working on a nested platform of typewriter, laptop, and cell phone. It was totally worth it to see Tantek’s expression when he realized I had actually typed one of my earlier responses.
Manuscript miniature on vellum likely from 15th century of Jesus preaching to a crowd. He's holding up his hand in a classic mitten shape and pointing with his other hand to the area of his left index finger.

Jesus indicating that he’s originally from the Long Rapids area in Michigan. 

Image is an excerpt from a breviary collage (1800s?) from one of two collages of manuscript miniatures on vellum, probably from a breviary in Northern France, possibly Rouen, in the late 15th century.

↬ Dot Porter at Coffee with a Codex on 2023-12-14. Image courtesy of University of Pennsylvania Libraries, Kislak Center for Special Collections, Ms. Coll. 713.