Read Matt Mullenweg Identifies GoDaddy as a “Parasitic Company” and an “Existential Threat to WordPress’ Future” by Sarah Gooding (WP Tavern)
On Thursday Matt Mullenweg responded to an inquiry on Twitter from Jeff Matson, a Pagely employee, about whether Automattic’s Newspack platform had all open open source components or some pro…
WordPress open source or Recall that Automattic is a VC backed company now and Matt has a big dog in the hunt.

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  1. Pretty much all the recent ‘improvements’ (block editor/full-site editor) to WordPress open source have been driven by Mullenweg/ Did any open source users actually ask for these? I for one felt they were imposed on me from on high. Keeping my site/content/customisations up to date with the latest release has become a major headache. Stuff which previously worked fine suddenly stopped working as a direct result of the changes, and there was no documentation worth speaking of to help me fix it. I’m sticking with WordPress for the time being (because it’s the easiest option), but will be looking into simplifying my infrastructure with something Markdown based. I’ll probably write it myself, just like I did in the good old days.

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