Read Matt Mullenweg Identifies GoDaddy as a “Parasitic Company” and an “Existential Threat to WordPress’ Future” by Sarah Gooding (WP Tavern)
On Thursday Matt Mullenweg responded to an inquiry on Twitter from Jeff Matson, a Pagely employee, about whether Automattic’s Newspack platform had all open open source components or some pro…
WordPress open source or Recall that Automattic is a VC backed company now and Matt has a big dog in the hunt.
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The only way for you to Indiewebify your WordPress blog is to subscribe to a business plan? That can’t be right because that plan’s not cheap. #indieweb
You could always do managed hosting from any number of WordPress hosts. The ~$5/month should be easier and much less expensive than business packages. 

@nitinkhanna, “True” IndieWeb is really just owning your domain name/URL and being able to download or export one’s content. All the other IndieWeb building blocks are just gravy if you want/need them.