🎧 This Week in Google 466 Ich Bin Nicht Einverstanden! | TWiT.TV

Listened to This Week in Google 466 Ich Bin Nicht Einverstanden! by Leo Laporte, Jeff Jarvis, Kevin Marks from TWiT.tv
News from Google Cloud Next 2018
  • AI takes to the cloud at Google Cloud Next 2018
  • Despite Facebook's inability to deal with controversy, Facebook stock is fine. Oh wait, no - they just reported disappointing earnings and now it's down 20 percent.
  • Google earnings: doing peachy, despite that pesky $5 billion fine.
  • Google employees are unphishable, and now you can be, too. But cover your webcam just in case.
  • Orrin Hatch still isn't dead; Abe Vigoda still is.
Picks of the Week:
  • Jeff's Pick: GDPR at a German Bakery
  • Kevin's Picks: IndieWeb.org, Kill Sticky, and Contrast Widget

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