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Listened to This Week in Google 505 Laundry Folding as a Service by  Leo Laporte, Jeff Jarvis, Stacey Higginbotham from TWiT.tv

  • ¬†Facebook Demands Users' Email Passwords, Steals Their Contacts
  • ¬†Sri Lanka Shuts Down Social Media
  • ¬†Smoking Cessation and Depression Apps Could be Sharing and Selling and Your Data
  • ¬†Samsung Galaxy Fold Delayed to June 13th ‚ÄĘ Mr Dorsey Goes to Washington
  • ¬†Android Q Will Kill the Back Button
  • ¬†Google I/O Preview
  • ¬†Google's Undersea Cable Infrastructure
  • ¬†Jacquard on TEDtalks
  • ¬†Jarvis on Our Addiction to Stories
  • ¬†The EU Wants Your Biometric Data
  • ¬†The WashPo Columnist that Hates Podcasts (and Whistling)
  • ¬†Sprint Settles with AT&T Over Fake 5G
  • ¬†IoT Over 5ghz
  • ¬†That $16,000 Laundry Folding Goes Bankrupt, but a $3000 Competitor is on the way
  • ¬†Google Punishes Walkout Organizers
  • ¬†Most Tweets Made By Young, Female Democrats
  • ¬†AOC Quits Facebook & Thinks You Should, Too
  • ¬†Facebook is Ready to be Fined by the FTC
  • ¬†Tik Tok Unbanned in India
  • ¬†Exploding Frisbees, Underwater Relay Racing, Pommel Horse Sawing, and More Game Ideas from Artificial Intelligence

Picks of the Week

  • ¬†Stacey's Thing #1: The Princess and the Fangirl: A Geekerella Fairy Tale (Once Upon A Con)
  • ¬†Stacey's Thing #2: IoT Inspector
  • ¬†Jeff's Number #1: How Google saved 6 million lbs in food waste
  • ¬†Jeff's Number #2: Court denies Boston entrepreneur share of $65 million Facebook settlement
  • ¬†Leo's Tool: The Land Before Time, "Scottish" edition

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