❤️ Seeing good examples of existing domains is crucial for showing students what is possible in creating their own domain, says @CassieNooyen

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❤️ Overheard at #domains19 “ugh Gutenberg, that’s why I use elementor. I use Divi to avoid this”

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🔖 cogdog tweeted @ontarioextend Domain Camp 2019 opens doors tomorrow (technically they are always open) with launch video, week 1 activities. AImed at helping first time domain owners but anyone who wants to learn more #domains19 https://t.co/orraZa1oNq

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❤️ KeeganSLW tweeted 🍖vs🌭 It’s hard to watch beautiful things be destroyed. Care less about more (reserve care for what you love). Find people and things that make you excited. Keep doing good things rather than quitting. Ways to achieve balance. Words of wisdom & 🌭 from @twoodwar at #Domains19

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❤️ readywriting tweeted How we know things will go south #Domains19 https://t.co/N2Iz8t9XDr

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❤️ @econproph: Read the news, the Ed-tech news, and remember you’re reading FICTION. It’s spin and propaganda. What they’re saying is a fiction. #Domains19

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❤️ erinroseglass tweeted .@savasavasava makes a great point that collectively, we could opt put of exploitative educational technology the ethical edtech wiki is gathering resources for community driven edtech alternatives in the classroom help us build it! https://t.co/Pmrkk0vY4f #Domains19

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❤️ THiNGkeriNG tweeted @taykendesign @thinqstudio Yup. I saw that. I wanted to be at #Domains19 as I believe we are brothers in arms. Thinking DoOO is back on our horizon.

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❤️ frivolousaxiom tweeted At LAX, on my way to #domains19 and all the wonderful strangeness that awaits!

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❤️ OnlineCrsLady tweeted wanting to go to ALL the #Domains19 presentations…. so much goodness! I’ve created a Twitter list: https://t.co/8vtxAokRtO I was able to find most presenters, but of course I have no idea who else will be attending. who’s en route to Durham? let me know who I should add :-) https://t.co/OLuOgaBRgB

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❤️ btopro tweeted expect a lot of #domains19 thoughts today and tomorrow. It’ll be a mixed bag as far as thoughts and rephrasing what people say here. I haven’t been to a non code focused event in far too long. It’s nice already to hear critiques of the LMS as a concept leading to many other issue

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Liked IndieAuth for WordPress Question by David ShanskeDavid Shanske (david.shanske.com)
Thinking about the necessity of maintaining IndieAuth code in the Micropub plugin and now the Yarns Microsub plugin for WordPress. I wanted to put out to any WordPress user for some input. The IndieAuth plugin creates an IndieAuth endpoint inside your WordPress installation. This means that you logi...

Great article David. I’m posting this as an example for someone.

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