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Wir haben ein kleines Weihnachtsgeschenk für euch: Matthias Pfefferle und Marcel Weiß sprechen über (fast) alle Aspekte von RSS und warum (nicht nur) für sie Feedreader und das Ökosystem rund um RSS immer noch wichtig ist. ‚Hier & Jetzt‘ kann man per RSS-Feed abonnieren und findet man natü...
What an awesome title! Merry ChRSStmas to everyone!
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WordPress allows for custom archive templates. For the longest time, I’ve wanted to change the archive for my photo posts to show them in a photo grid. So, I’ve now done that at /kind/photo. You have to click the photo to see the full context, but I like the presentation of all photos I’ve posted. This does not include photos in other types of posts, but it’s probably the most visual item I’ve put out in a while. I hope it causes me to post more photos.
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I believe in the independent web - which was born thirty years ago today - more than any other technology. Earlier today, I shared an update with collaborators, advisors, and investors in Known. Here's what's up: Recently, I filed paperwork to officially dissolve Known, Inc, the Delaware C-Corporati...
This is some great news! 
/me goes to dust off my instance and bring it back to life after an unfortunate database issue….
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Tom Critchlow in Tweet: “My personal website is a tapestry where legends are told” ()

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microformats logo sitting on a dinner placemat with a fork and knife on either side

Dan Cederholm's logo but now adjusted for the microformat dinners. :D

::dan don't hurt me:: :D

KevinMarks in #indieweb chat: “Thanks Cindy (it also solves the “I only see 3 mats” objection)” ()
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One could write an entire book on what this chart shows us. – Max Roser
Holy crap! This graph indicates something is dramatically broken in America. And we wonder why healthcare is such a hot button issue. Obviously someone (or many someones) is making a lot of money keeping the American portion so horribly out of whack.
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