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I've been working towards making Meetable more useful to others by making it easier to configure and deploy. I took a few shortcuts during the initial development that let me finish it faster, primarily by offloading authentication and image resizing to external services. While that's great for me, ...
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It's been a few weeks since I launched the new events site for IndieWeb events! In that time, the community has already hosted 7 events, and scheduled 15 more! I've continued to push a few minor changes to the site since the launch, primarily around discovery of events with tags. The home page now l...
This is awesome!
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Now that this site supports Webmentions, I’ve been having some fun digging into how I’d like them to be presented. The theme I’m using is very bare-bones. I created it using Underscores a couple years ago when I decided I had lost touch with the code I was using and for some reason wanted to g...
This should be an interesting experiment to watch.
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In the case that the Twitter image doesn’t live, I’ll excerpt it here in more accessible text:

The fact is, the interpretation of a situation is inseparable from the analogies (or categories) it evokes. Our categories are thus organs of perception; they extend our physiological senses, allowing us to “touch” the external world in a more abstract fashion. They are our means of applying the richness of our past experience to the present; without them, we would flail about helplessly in the world.

Surfaces and Essences: Analogy as the Fuel and Fire of Thinking by Douglas Hofstadter and Emmanuel Sander p.256 (Chapter 5)

A fascinating quote and a cool conceptualization of our ontologies.

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With the help of I've now got running locally and syndicating RSVPs from my website to - hopefully it'll be live next week for the rest of the to enjoy
I can’t wait for this. It is awesome.
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Interesting diagram of set up for an IndieWeb site.
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