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I'm super happy to announce the launch of a new website for IndieWeb events at! This website is a place to find and post events for the IndieWeb community.
This is HUGE! Thanks Aaron. I’ve been thinking of restarting HWC-LA, and this is just the sort of motivation that helps tremendously! This is such a huge contribution that it ought to be able to fill up all the empty slots in the IndieWeb giving calendar this month. Wow, just wow!
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I realized I have been avoiding leaving tips in Foursquare because I didn't have a good way to post them from my website. So today I added the ability to syndicate my posts as Foursquare tips.
Very slick Aaron!
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Recently I finally set up a shopping site for me to sell some of my art and other merch. In doing so I evaluated a bunch of different shopping cart providers, and decided I should share my findings.
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So, that's it, then. My prediction is that Brexit will happen as planned in 2020, and that later in the year, unless the progressive movement achieves the impossible, Donald Trump will be re-elected as President. If you work for a company like Facebook, this is on you. If you could have voted but di...
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As arbitrary as they are, these transitions provide a kind of useful punctuation - a spot to stop and breathe. For me, I think it might be useful to reflect on where I was at the start of the previous decade, where I am now, and where I'd like to be ten years from now.Ten years ago I lived in Oxford...
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Chanukah is upon us next week, and I’ve added to my Youtube Chanukah playlist, which complements my digital music collection of Chanukah songs. It includes some fun ones from Acapella groups that do an annual Chanukah song. I have over 150 tracks otherwise…and may pick up more ideas… Sirius XM’s Radio Hanukkah launches December 20th to 31st on Channel 788. Chanukah is an 8 night holiday, gets 11 days of music. Christmas gets 11 Sirius channels that begin November 1st…Clearly we need more Chanukah songs…they are running out.

I only know of two Sirius channels, so apparently I’m missing out on the Christmas craziness. Do they have channels for every genre of music? And if so, what are the genres of Chanukah? With any luck, one of them is all Klezmer all the time…
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I’m living this same story…
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I very much enjoyed reading What Happened to Tagging, by Alexandra Samuel, so thanks to Aaron Davis for the link . I do think, however, that she is being entirely too negative about the state of play today. Aaron singled out one wistful quote, about the web we could have. I noted that the author cou...
I’m so grateful for those who provide tags and categories on their sites.