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Chanukah is upon us next week, and I’ve added to my Youtube Chanukah playlist, which complements my digital music collection of Chanukah songs. It includes some fun ones from Acapella groups that do an annual Chanukah song. I have over 150 tracks otherwise…and may pick up more ideas… Sirius XM’s Radio Hanukkah launches December 20th to 31st on Channel 788. Chanukah is an 8 night holiday, gets 11 days of music. Christmas gets 11 Sirius channels that begin November 1st…Clearly we need more Chanukah songs…they are running out.

I only know of two Sirius channels, so apparently I’m missing out on the Christmas craziness. Do they have channels for every genre of music? And if so, what are the genres of Chanukah? With any luck, one of them is all Klezmer all the time…

👓 Christmas Films | Colin Walker

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It's the start of November and we've got enough Christmas films recorded such that my wife worked out we'd have to watch seven a day, that's right seven a day, to fit them all in before the 25th December. What is it about them? They're obviously "feel good" fodder but they're formulaic according to ...
I resemble this remark… er, um, I mean I resent….

Oh heck, I wholeheartedly identify. It’s so bad that I’ve even got a tag on my website for Hallmark Christmas movies.

🎵 Main Title “Somewhere in My Memory” (From “Home Alone”) – Voice by John Williams, Boston Pops Orchestra

Listened to Main Title "Somewhere in My Memory" (From "Home Alone") - Voice by John Williams, Boston Pops Orchestra from Home Alone (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) [25th Anniversary Edition]

🎵 Santa Claus Is Coming To Town by Michael Bublé

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Reprogramming some of my radio pre-sets in the car. Apparently 105.1 FM is doing Christmas music instead of Country for the holidays.

👓 Think Melania’s red forest is kooky? Consider the Christmas tree once hidden in a White House closet. | Washington Post

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President Benjamin Harrison is credited with starting the tradition of having a Christmas tree inside the White House in 1889 when he set up a tree for his grandchildren. The tree glowed with wax candles, and Harrison even dressed up as Santa Claus. “Let me hope,” the president said, “that my example will be followed by every family in the land.”

🎵 Feliz Navidad by José Feliciano

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I suspect they switched over late yesterday, but two songs in this morning, I’ve already gotten my first dose of Feliz Navidad, for the not-quite-holiday season. Sometimes It’s taken almost two weeks of Christmas music for my first encounter.

Christmas celebrations seem to start earlier and earlier each year. Pretty soon we’ll have Labor Day and them bam! Christmas!

👓 A Critical Analysis of Bob Dylan's 2017 Xmas Lights | Vice

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For almost a decade, I have had an unhealthy obsession with the Christmas lights on Bob Dylan's Malibu home. Here's what I learned from this year's display.

👓 Logs populi or, Thanks, Netflix! | Vicki Boykis

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Tech is already cynical about data collection, but the public is just starting to understand its implications.

👻 ☠️ 🎃 Halloween flavored names on Twitter

Everyone I know has jumped on the Halloween bandwagon on Twitter and added one or more Halloween related emoji to their Twitter name. Jack-o-lanterns, ghosts, etc. abound. Some have even changed their names a bit to fit into the theme.

Some of my favorites:

@JordanUhl is now jordan ghoul 👻 ☠️ 🎃
@rachsyme‏ is now🎃 rachel slime 🎃
@VictoriaAveyard is Victoria Graveyard 🎃
@BrendonHope is 🎃 Abandon Hope 🎃
@spicer‏ is Christian Spider 🕷 🎃
@Juliet_Shen‏ is 🎃 Ghouliet Shen 🎃

Despite the fact that Halloween is my favorite holiday, and since retailers are already jumping the gun on Christmas, I thought I’d do the same. I’m changing my Twitter name to something like:

🎄Christmas🎄 🎅Aldrich 🎁

Dear Santa (TV Movie 2011)

Watched Dear Santa from Lifetime, TV Movie, 2011
Directed by Jason Priestley. With Amy Acker, David Haydn-Jones, Emma Duke, Patrick Creery. Beverly Hills 90210 alumni Jason Priestly takes the helm for this warmhearted romantic comedy about a die-hard party girl struggling to change her frivolous ways. Crystal (Amy Acker) comes from a wealthy family. She loves spending money. Her parent's money. When they decide it's time for her to make something of her life they give her until Christmas to clean up her act. Should Crystal fail to ...
The Christmas movie marathon continues. This one isn’t quite as sappy as one might hope, but a good up-the-middle heart warmer. The concept is actually much more interesting and subtle and not as lite-comedy fare as the cover image would belie.

It’s interesting to see some of Amy Acker’s early work. I’ve been a fan of hers from her many television series. It’s nice to see her playing the lead rather than playing 3rd or lower fiddle.