❤️ Release Candidate 1 for the Drupal Indieweb module | swentel

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There you go: release candidate 1 for the module. Time for a little party! https://www.drupal.org/project/indieweb/releases/8.x-1.0-rc1

🎧 ‘The Daily’: A Chaotic Opening Day for Brett Kavanaugh | New York Times

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Protests. Interruptions. Delays. The confirmation hearings for President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee got an unusual start.

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“Elsku Stelpur (Dear Girls) - YouTube”
This is an amazing performance on gender equality by a group of girls from my old high school. Happy it exists and can be shared. Proud that it won the Skrekkur talent show in 2015.

I'd just like to point out that this was made before the metoo movement started.

❤️ We Have Officially Joined the fediverse | Stormlight Tech, L.L.C.

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True to the spirit of an open source community, and one which supports others of like mind, We have joined with the group on the internet called the Fediverse; for those who might not be aware, that is, the group of independent social networks running interoperable software (Mastodon, and others. we...

❤️ facebook | notiz.Blog

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In den letzten 4…5 Jahren hab ich immer wieder mit dem Gedanken gespielt meinen facebook Account zu löschen. Mein Account hatte wirklich wenig persönliches und ich habe ihn fast ausschließlich dazu benutzt, meine Blogposts zu teilen. Der einzig plausible Grund der mich noch daraun gehindert hat...

Congratulations Mathias!

🔖 Talk Like a Pirate, Me Hearties | Adactio.com

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Simply, you put in a URL and this tool will return a web page that “translates” the page into pirate speech. The UI is so sparse here you can’t do much but put in a URL (though without knowing exactly what is going to happen).

Ideal for your talk-like-a-pirate-day browsing every September 19th. Maybe a bookmarklet that does this would be cool? Come to think of it, maybe having a browser extension that does this for you automatically on every page you visit on September 19th would be a fun little toy!

👓 Webring experiment ends. | Brad Enslen

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I had created two blog oriented webrings as an experiment.  It’s been over 6 months and no takers and maybe 3 tire kickers checking them out, so I’ve eliminated them. FYI.

Sorry to hear it…

❤️ kurt_loder tweet about Ricky Jay

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❤️ Tantek’s 7th anniversary of employment @Mozilla | Tantek Çelik

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Two days ago (10/3) was my 7th anniversary of employment @Mozilla (contracted for ~18 months before that). I’ve only worked at one other organization for that many years, also starting with “M”. In comparison, today I’m far more optimistic about what I’m working on, and the organization I’m working with than last time I hit the 7 year employment mark. Interestingly enough I’m more optimistic about that other organization today than when I left it as well.

Congratulations! Thanks for all the work you do, both within and without the company.

🔖 ❤️ GeorgeLakoff tweet on neutral language in journalism

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❤️ PFA809 tweet The fires in So. Cal are urban interface fires and have NOTHING to do with forest management.

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❤️ AnikaNoniRose tweet: Next white house press event with the president, only send your Black woman reporters.

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❤️ zephoria tweet: Scholars: @datasociety announced calls for 2019 postdocs and faculty fellows

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❤️ WordCampRS tweet: Group activity in Fun with Fonts with Jessica Broctor

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I could have sworn I still had some dark hair on the crown of my head. Apparently not anymore…