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Requesting my copy now…
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For the last week or two, I have been thinking whether there is a December blogging series I could take on, similar to how Advent of Code publishes a new coding challenge every day throughout Advent. I thought that I would just continue with my regular blogging until yesterday when I came up with an...
The idea of an Advent of Bloggers is a heartwarming one.

Reminiscent of N-day challenges:

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I'm replying to you from my site on a domain I own that then publishes to Twitter so I can interact with you, but still owned by me. It's built on open standards ( and is a great community around owning your data
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I keep hearing more horror stories like this about Hertz. Where is the actual government regulation to protect consumers en masse? Without protections against corporations like this, their service just becomes a tax on society which only benefits the corporation.
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Perhaps this post by a well-known mnemonist and writer in the space might be a place to start?
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In November 2018, we went to Orlando to perform the Parkeology Challenge.  We came close, but did not succeed. We had always hoped to try again, but illness, as well as the pandemic restricting travel, had pushed it off. Now one of the team is no longer with us(the one who took the photo). I’ve n...
May his memory be a blessing
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Theoretical biology AND webmentions? I’m in.