Studies show that one of the primary differentiators between books that sell and get read and those that don’t are the services added by an excellent editor and proper proofreading. Nothing will hurt a book more than poor quality in either of these areas.

Naturally, we’re glad to help edit all works at all stages of development, but when possible, we recommend you begin discussing and editing your work as early in the process as possible to better guide your workflow, create the best timeline for development to final product, and ease the entire creation process.

Story Development

Originally trained in the workshop model in the storied Writing Seminars program at the Johns Hopkins University, Chris has subsequently spent over twenty years providing story and development notes for screenplays in film and television as well as editorial services to both fiction and non-fiction publications in the areas of books, magazines, and even newspapers. If you’ve got a plot hole or narrative flaw, we’ll not only help identify it, but work to provide a range of creative and imaginative solutions.

We’re also able to provide advice that stays true not only to the author’s voice and intentions but which¬†balances out commercial concerns versus artistic ones.


Whether your work is geared toward a broad public audience or the most technical minds in a sub-area of specialized research, we offer a broad range of editorial ideas and assistance.  We can help authors with everything from broad structural ideas (particularly when ideas may not have traditional linear modes of storytelling) to mock peer-review. For textbook projects, we can also provide advice on the competitive landscape within your subject.


In addition to our own in-house services, we often contract to a wide range of available profession proofreaders to find and remove grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, and typographical problems. Our goal is to give you the best version of your text in the most professional manner.

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