Physical Books

Increasingly many small publishing companies are converting to an all-digital strategy, and most self-published authors don’t have the time, effort, energy, expertise, or contacts to explore printing and distributing physical books in either paperback or hardcover options. Doing this can decrease relevance and longevity in the market as well as drastically reduce opportunities and margin of profit.

Why not leverage our experience and and pre-existing relationships within the publishing industry?

Whether you’re looking for the most professional hardback¬†books (cloth bound with a traditional dust jacket or case laminate) or paperback (also known as perfectbound) books, we can help at every step of the way.

Not sure what the best strategy might be? Let us give you advice about what your most cost-effective options are. Some people get so wrapped up in the concept of having a book that they actually forget to work on the business end of decisions. Choices made in relation to formats, design, and publicity can drastically effect one’s bottom line. ¬†As an example, CreateSpace is great, but just because they’re simple to use and well known, doesn’t necessarily make them the best choice, and they’re certainly far from the only choice.

E-books and Electronic Distribution Platforms

Let our familiarity with the variety of e-book publishers and platforms help to maximize your book’s success in the marketplace.

Most authors have heard of Amazon and know about its dominance in the e-book market, where it typically accounts from 65-74% of the market, depending on your source. Others may also know about many others including Apple’s iBook market, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and even Google Play Books, but what about the dozens of others? Are they worth the trouble and effort? What about the clearing-house e-book services that are proliferating by the day to capture market share?

Boffo Socko Books also has a very close and direct relationship with Amazon which allows us a much higher level of service as well as additional levels of marketing support and valuable exclusivity for books which can leverage these added benefits not offered to the indie author through their standard channels.






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