Return on Investment

Many authors will have the up front funds necessary to operate in the pay-to-play space of modern day publishing. There are a range of means and methods to keep costs of publishing down while maximizing margins, but one must always keep quality in mind to best represent the end product. Some authors, either by force of financing or mere omission, will cut corners and end up with a less than perfect book, and their sales will usually be the leading indicator of failure.

Whether your’re working off of a bare bones budget on a side hobby or are a name brand with a loyal following and infinite resources there are a panoply of options for helping you to finance and deploy your book into the marketplace.

Let us help you explore all your options so that you’re operating from a place of knowledge and confidence and able to maximize your potential. We can work to fashion a budget to allow you to plan everything from start to finish in a smarter fashion to improve your overall return on investment.

Fund-raising Platforms

Authors that don’t have infinite resources (and even those who do) may choose to use social media funding platforms like Indie-go-go, GoFundMe, Patreon, and similar platforms.

These resources can help not only to raise the funding for your project, but they can act as early publicity to help raise awareness of your book in the marketplace before it’s even released. We’ve used these options in the past and can help guide writers on the pros and cons of each platform as well as their requirements, best practices, and fees.