sub·men·tion (noun informal): 1. A post about someone or something on a personal website where one neglects (accidentally or on purpose) to either send a webmention and/or syndicate a copy out to an appropriate social silo. 2. Such a post which explicitly has the experimental microformat rel=”nomention” which prevents webmention code from triggering for the attached URL. 3. Any technologically evolved form of apophasis (Greek ἀπόφασις from ἀπόφημι apophemi, “to say no”) which sends no notifications using standard Internet or other digital protocols.

Early 21st century: a blend or portmanteau of subliminal and webmention.

submention /ˈsʌbˈmɛn(t)ʃ(ə)n/


👓 Untangling @WithKnown plugin conflicts on the #IndieWeb (Reactions vs Bookmarks)

Read Untangling WithKnown plugin conflicts on the (Reactions vs Bookmarks) by Peter Vágner (pvagner's Known)
Regarding various Known post types there is a story I would say I think so because at least for me it took so long to sort it out on my instance. After I've installed Known on my domain some time in july 2016 I have realized the Repost and Like post types don't appear to be available right on the ma...

👓 Gillmor Gang: Fossil Fuel | TechCrunch

Listened to Gillmor Gang: Fossil Fuel by Doc Searls, Keith Teare, Frank Radice, and Steve Gillmor from TechCrunch
Big Media meets the Big Algorithm as we reach subscription saturation. B=V/T: Self-service Bundling based on Value prioritized by Trust erases the distinction between short and long form.

📖 Read pages 111-123 of Ramona the Pest by Beverly Cleary

📖 Read pages 111-123, Chapter 7: The Day Things Went Wrong, of Ramona the Pest by Beverly Cleary (Scholastic Book Services, , ISBN: 0-590-04493-1)

Certainly not the most entertaining chapter of the book. Davy thinking that ‘Taterpillars could have started with a ‘t’ was entertaining as was the description that Ramona was sure her father was the tooth fairy and she wanted to catch him in the act. The rest was just a set up for the final chapter which actually played better not having read this one prior to it.

📅 RSVP for WPCampus Online: A Virtual Conference for WordPress in Higher Education

RSVPed Attending WPCampus Online: A Virtual Conference for WordPress in Higher Education
Our next (free) conference, WPCampus Online, will take place Tuesday, January 30. It will be a free event and completely virtual. View the schedule and join us for a full day of professional development. No travel required! The WPCampus Online schedule is filled with 16 free sessions focused on using WordPress in higher education.

This looks like a cool event at the end of the month. I’m curious to see what and #IndieWeb-esque things they may be touching on during the day.

🎧 This Week in Google 440 Shoe Goo Guru Lyman Van Vliet | TWiT.TV

Listened to This Week in Google 440 Shoe Goo Guru Lyman Van Vliet by Leo Laporte, Jeff Jarvis, Stacey Higginbotham from
Your Selfie is a Work of Art Google's Arts & Culture app matches your selfie with famous works of art. Facebook will show more content from your friends and family, less news. Why Google Photos won't search for gorillas. Google Home and Chromecast killing Wi-Fi. YouTube will stop monetizing small video producers. Black and white screens fix phone addiction. Leo's Pick: Thee Strange Brands in Your Instagram Feed Jeff's Numbers: Apple to pay $38b under repatriation, and Blackrock: Contribute to society or risk losing our support Stacey's Thing: Nanoleaf

Checkin Diddy Riese

Checked into Diddy Riese
Ice Cream and Cookies!
Their prices have increased significantly over the past year and a half. Perhaps this is why they don’t have the crazy lines outside the store like they used to. They’re apparently not making it up in volume anymore.
I’m including photos of the menu board to make comparing prices in the future easier.

Checkin UCLA Store (Ackerman Union)

Checked into UCLA Store (Ackerman Union)
More shopping on the way to class… They don’t seem to have the exact kind of hoodie that I’d like to get. Lots of options here though.

Checkin UCLA Campus Store

Checked into UCLA Campus Store
Anything new? Hmm…
They don’t seem to have the hoodie I’m looking for in my size. Maybe I’ll try the bookstore on campus?