📖 57.0% done with Son of Fletch by Gregory Mcdonald

📖 57.0% done with Son of Fletch by Gregory Mcdonald

We’re starting to go somewhere, but I can sadly already almost predict the ending. In particular, there was a ham-handed mention of a car that gave the whole thing away for me.

Of all of the Fletch books, so far this one seems to be the biggest influencer for the creation of portions of the movie Fletch Lives, which was otherwise made out of whole cloth based on the character.

“I suspect it’s not every man’s dream to discover his son is a cop-killing, escaped convict, racist, hate-group organizer.”

Highlight (yellow) Location 2276-2277
This revealing quote could have been its own stand-alone teaser text.

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Son of Fletch by Gregory Mcdonald
Son of Fletch by Gregory Mcdonald

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