📖 On page 204 of 425 of A Riddle in Ruby by Kent Davis

📖 On page 204 of 425 of A Riddle in Ruby by Kent Davis

The story is going somewhere plot-wise, but I’m still completely in the dark as to why things are happening. Athen had offered to give some background, but Ruby sadly refused to listen which I don’t understand given her situation. There’s also been a relatively large reveal about Athen that one wouldn’t have expected though I won’t reveal it here.

The vocabulary and use of language really help to create the world. There are so many things I should be highlighting and annotating, but I’m resisting the urge as I’m reading this solely for pleasure and don’t intend on sharing notes/annotations on this one.

I really need to finish it, renew it, or return it as I think it was due at the library on 2/27.

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