Checkin Los Angeles Public Library – Eagle Rock

Waiting for the library to open with central casting milling around the front door:

  • A poor actor talking about knowing Corey Feldman back in the day is wearing a brown poncho with black devil horns on his forehead while speaking in a preternaturally loud voice, as if he were giving a performance;
  • His sixty-ish female companion is trying to wrangle several children, though I’m not sure how many of the three or so orbiting her are actually hers;
  • One of the children, a 7 year old named Tommy Two Feathers, is commanded to look for a blue jacket as the group hovers around a very late model Toyota pickup parked in a no parking zone that appears to have all of the family’s belongings except for the several dozen or so which are sitting on the sidewalk for no apparent reason;
  • Then there are two tatted up 20 something thugs, one of whom is sparking up in the grass while the other twitchily watches;
  • There’s a granola mom with two home-schooled kids buzzing around on scooters;
  • A first generation Chinese woman with tattered plastic grocery bags full of books to return;
  • A Caucasian retiree in a hoodie;
  • An average mom with a bright, curly red-headed 2 year old; and
  • A few hipsters of the Eagle Rock persuasion.

I wish I could take more photos, but don’t think the menagerie would really appreciate it. I definitely wanted to videotape the devil’s performance, but I’m not sure if I would have remained one of the audience in the process.

I’m wondering how I came to be here…

Los Angeles, California, United States of America

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