👓 The Improbable Life of Paul ErdŇĎs | New York Times

Read The Improbable Life of Paul ErdŇĎs by Gary Antonic (New York Times)
This week we celebrate the life of the most published mathematician in history, Paul ErdŇĎs (AIR-dosh), who was born 100 years ago on March 26. Dr. ErdŇĎs, who has been called the world’s greatest problem poser and solver, collaborated with over 500 mathematicians before his death in 1996.

“There are still a lot of ErdŇĎs’s vibrations going around,” says Ronald L. Graham, professor of computer science and engineering at the University of California, San Diego, and longtime ErdŇĎs friend and collaborator. “His impact will be felt for a long time.”

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