📺 The Bridge S1, E1 & E2 (FX)

Watched The Bridge, Season 1 Episodes 1 & 2 from FX
When a body is found on the bridge connecting El Paso and Juarez, two detectives, one from the United States and one from Mexico, must work together to hunt down a serial killer operating on both sides of the border.
An interesting little series. I was kind of hoping it was going to be the Denmark/Sweden version, but I suppose Shine’s Americanized version will have to suffice for now.

There are some interesting and quirky characters and some generally good acting. I’m not sure why I should care about Sonya Cross. Though there is a short mention that her sister died, it isn’t really explored at all. Some better earlier character development would have helped.

The first two episodes, though only an hour long seemed to drag on forever and don’t seem to go anywhere. I’ll try a few more before potentially giving up.

Watched on Hulu.com.

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