👓 RicMac, part II | Scripting

Read June 23, 2017 by Dave Winer (Scripting News)
  • Richard MacManus¬†keeps on truckin. There's nothing more powerful than a persistent and curious user who's relatively fearless.¬†#
  • In a follow-up¬†post¬†I learned that there is an IndieWeb-approved feed reader called¬†Woodwind. That's good news.¬†RSS¬†and related technolgies,¬†including¬†OPML¬†import and export, are essential components of the open web.¬†#
  • BTW, to Richard, I wrote up my¬†rules for standards-makers, based on experience re what (imho) is important and what works and doesn't. Another item for your consideration.¬†#

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