Ate Chicken pot pie, with green side salad, and a diet coke (La Brea Bakery)

I’ve been to the original La Brea Bakery, and this is a dreadful facsimile. Nancy Silverton would be embarrassed.

This was just dreadful and sadly underwhelming. $25+ at a name restaurant at a vacation resort should provide better quality and portions than this dreadful Sysco-based meal. The puffed pastry was terrible and plopped on top of the dish. Sadly it wasn’t cut-able without destroying the filling, so I had to remove it and use a heavy-handed knife and fork to consume it. The advertised “stuffed with chicken” was false with only three small pieces or about an ounce. For a dish like this listed at $19, it should have been three times the size and far tastier. The side-salad was under-dressed and only large enough to say it existed. The whole thing would have made a nice snack at any other restaurant. The worst part was that the dinner rolls, something you’d think the famous La Brea Bakery could do properly, were severely wanting. A better price for this, even with a vacation destination/resort “tax” would have been $8.

On the positive side, the service was fantastic.

I wouldn’t recommend eating here and I wouldn’t do it again myself, particularly given the myriad offerings in the vicinity.

La Brea Bakery, Downtown Disney, 1313 S Harbor Blvd., Suite A, Anaheim, CA 92802
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