@cathieleblanc I’ve been using Livescribe pens to do pencasts for 8 years or so, primarily for mathematics lectures. While it’s not great at capturing images/slides in a classroom setting (which I do with cell phone photos typically), the pen can capture audio and everything that’s written down in a chalkboard lecture. The pen also allows you to go back and to write down additional notes after-the-fact and link those with the spoken audio as well. This makes it a great low bandwidth method for capturing class notes to share with students/classmates who missed class without the need to videotape which generally is both high bandwidth (for sharing) and poor quality for showing what’s being written/presented on a board or projector.

I’ve also used the pen for working my way through problems for students/colleagues in areas where it’s necessary to have something written down, but it’s useful to have the supplement of spoken audio to add to the problem-solving process.

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