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Watched How to Buy a Velomobile? - Top 15 Velomobile Models by Saukki from YouTube

If you are going to buy a new velomobile, this is the time of year when you should do it to get it before the next summer. Because with most models, the delivery time is at least three months. I decided to make this list of 15 awesome velomobile models you can buy today with usefull links to different velomobile models and some velomobile dealers around the world. I also list few forums and other places where you can find second hand velomobiles.






Czech Republic










Forums etc.

To find other velonauts & 2nd hand velomobiles. In random order:

Same list in my blog: http://www.saukki.com/2017/12/kuinka-ostetaan-velomobiili-how-to-buy-a-velomobile/

I spent several hours looking at Velomobile resources, and this one video and its attendant links are one of the single best resources I’ve come across.

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2 thoughts on “📺 How to Buy a Velomobile? – Top 15 Velomobile Models | YouTube”

  1. Hello Chris,

    Very interesting blog and links about velomobiles.
    I’m the owner of Velomtek Inc, a startup in velomobile market.
    I invite you to visit my website and have your feedback.
    I you plan to talk again on velomobiles in 2019, it would be nice to mention Velomtek activities in North America. I’m now in preordering phase and preparing to present the products at the Toronto Int’l bicycle show on March 1-3 2019.

    1. Thanks for the heads up Francois. I was doing some research on velomobiles a few months back and was shocked how little distribution that any of the big brands even has within the United States. It’ll be nice to see not only a new player in the space, but one with some sort of presence in North America. Good luck!

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