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Let me know if you need help finding resources. I see you have a Hugo site and I’m pretty sure someone has set it up for Webmention use before.

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  1. Also @qubyte and I have an informal club for folks in quantum who support Webmention. 😉

    Syndicated copies:

  2. Oh, this is cool! I thought Hugo being a static site generator, it might need a lot of work to implement webmentions (I am yet to see details, but it’s good to see some people have already done it). Thanks for reaching out and the encouragement. <3

    1. Peter Molnar had a recent post with lots of useful advice about running a static IndieWeb site:

  3. Still, need a server to receive a request (Netlify in your case). My four hugo sites are all hosted statically on GitHub pages, GitLab pages, Amazon S3 and on my dept’s web server. I don’t think any of these can receive/process incoming requests, unfortunately.

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