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How can I do that?
On yet another related note, I came across Chris Aldrich’s reply to a tweet from one of my colleagues. The reply is interesting, in itself, but what I’m particularly curious about is how to create replies like this that publish to the source site, and populate the syndication link fields.
Paul, apologies for having missed a few of your recent questions/mentions, but I’ve been on a bit of a vacation recently and am just catching up on some of the pieces of web technology you’ve been delving into. (Congratulations on jumping in with both feet by the way!)  I’ll try to get to more substantive replies to some of your questions, but since I see there’s a reasonable time zone gap between us, I thought I’d at least quickly say hello before crashing for the night. I can already tell my reading list for the week is going to double after a quick look at your own site which I’ll subscribe to shortly.

While it looks like you’re at least tangentially aware of bits that I’ve written based on some of your recent quotes, I thought I’d give you a pointer to some of the conglomerated pieces which might help you out. In particular, you might be most interested in my IndieWeb Research Collection which is primarily WordPress focused. This also includes a relatively recent 2 hour video walk through of the set up for many of the plugins you mentioned. I suspect you won’t have too much problem with it given your background, but we’re all continually working toward making it easier and easier for the casual user. In particular, I’m hoping that some of the recent changes will drastically open up the field for a much larger universe of themes without the heavy lifting we were all anticipating.

If you have questions or need help in the interim, feel free to hop into the IndieWeb chat or browse through the related wiki. Hopefully the fine and friendly folks there will help to get you sorted as I play catch up a bit this week.

More soon…

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