📺 “Kids Baking Championship” You’re in the Ballpark | Food Network

Watched "Kids Baking Championship" You're in the Ballpark from Food Network
With Duff Goldman, Valerie Bertinelli, Matthew Azuma, Darci Lynne Farmer.

Hmmm… I can only think that the producers had all the kids watch some episodes of America’s Got Talent so they would even know who the guest was.

While the kids look a bit talented and sophisticated as cooks, I’m painfully disappointed that only one tried (and failed miserably) to pop their own popcorn. Not a single one used the two hours to make their own caramel sauce and instead they all used the same canned dulce de leche. Even worse, one of the kids that actually incorporated popcorn into their dish natively didn’t win the challenge. Where is the humanity?

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