📺 O’Leary Car Ride: Showtunes 2018 | YouTube

Watched O'Leary Car Ride: Showtunes 2018 from YouTube

Singing some show tunes in a car during our daily outing's during the summer

List of songs
1. Phantom of the Opera
2. Mary Poppins
3. Sunset Boulevard
4. Phantom of the Opera
5. Dreamgirls
6. Les Miserables
7. Frozen
8. The Wiz
9. Phantom of the Opera
10. Miss Saigon
11. The Little Mermaid
12. Phantom of the Opera
13. Mary Poppins
14. Carousel
15. Evita
16. Phantom of the Opera
17. The Lion King
18. Hamilton
19. Cats
20. Phantom of the Opera
21. The Wizard of Oz
22. Carrie
23. Funny Girl
24. Rocky Horror
25. Phantom of the Opera
26. Frozen
27. Wicked
28. Mary Poppins
29. Phantom of the Opera
30. Frozen

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