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Read New York Is Killing Me by Alec WilkinsonAlec Wilkinson (The New Yorker)
Gil Scott-Heron is frequently called the ‚Äúgodfather of rap,‚ÄĚ which is an epithet he doesn‚Äôt really care for. In 1968, when he was nineteen, he wrote a satirical spoken-word piece called ‚ÄúThe Revolution Will Not Be Televised.‚ÄĚ It was released on a very small label in 1970 and was probably heard of more than heard, but it had a following. It is the species of classic that sounds as subversive and intelligent now as it did when it was new, even though some of the references‚ÄĒSpiro Agnew, Natalie Wood, Roy Wilkins, Hooterville‚ÄĒhave become dated. By the time Scott-Heron was twenty-three, he had published two novels and a book of poems and recorded three albums, each of which prospered modestly, but ‚ÄúThe Revolution Will Not Be Televised‚ÄĚ made him famous.

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