📑 The Unlikely Survival of the Godfather of Rap | The New Yorker

Annotated New York Is Killing Me by Alec WilkinsonAlec Wilkinson (The New Yorker)
"The kids at the record company are very enthusiastic, and they have a lot of friends they have made, and they all want to have an interview, and the only problem is they‚Äôre asking the same things people asked me a long, long time ago, because that‚Äôs what they do when they‚Äôre starting‚ÄĒyou ask questions you already know the answer to. I don‚Äôt want to disappoint them, but you can‚Äôt disappoint unless you have an appointment. They don‚Äôt know I only like to talk to people who have something to talk about other than me. Like everybody in New York, they know everything. How can you tell them anything?‚ÄĚ  ‚Ěß
— Gil Scott-Heron

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