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Watched Milk Street: Tunisian Couscous from PBS
In this episode, Christopher Kimball and Milk Street Cook Lynn Clark cook up a vibrant and hearty North African Chicken Couscous. Milk Street Cook Bianca Borges prepares one of the most delicious and versatile soups in the world, Chickpea and Harissa Soup (Lablabi). To round out the show, Chris teaches us how to whip up Harissa, a pantry staple that is used in countless Milk Street recipes.
Somehow they’re already in season two?! I remember getting the first copy of the magazine ages ago, so I shouldn’t be so surprised. Kimball is turning out a great product and he’s taking a much different viewpoint. I do miss a bit more of the science background from his Test Kitchen days, but this is very slick, well produced, and has some solid material underpinning it. I’ll have to figure out what to cut out of my rotation to make some room for it.

I notice they’re using a white-labeled version of Vimeo for their streaming video, but it’s marked as private and only viewable on their website.

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