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Read Education for the Public Good by Nate AngellNate Angell (xolotl.org)
A chance encounter led me to want to post about my evolving views on education as essential public infrastructure. Thanks to a tweet by Sara Goldrick-Rab, I was led to an article by someone I‚Äôd never read, Corey DeAngelis, Policy Analyst at the Cato Institute: ‚ÄúIs Public Schooling a Public Good? An Analysis of Schooling Externalities‚ÄĚ. If I were not already thinking about education as public infrastructure, I probably would have walked away from this article given all its issues (which I‚Äôll end up addressing, like it or not) and the futility of engaging such polemical works. Yet so much sprang out of my reading of DeAngelis and the other works it led me to that I feel compelled to write, if only to set out some thinking on education as public infrastructure to build on later.

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