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Here is the final draft of the chart Social Networking Platforms 2018. As before, see the community spreadsheet for details of particular platforms. Note the interesting reorganization of the chart, plus a few additions and corrections. Many thanks for the insightful and helpful comments. Yay community! Intent of the chart is to provide a researched list of current viable platforms within a simple architectural framework. Three factors: (1) Closed/open standards and centralization/decentralization (which tend to go together). (2) Organized by the pacing and effort typical of user interaction within the communities on the platform. One special group singled out for use of tokens, rewards, tips to form an economic social climate. (3) Major/minor user base - shown by bold/light text, admittedly my quick swag at it, may need corrections. If this version is reasonably stable, I'll put future updates on a website to avoid cluttering up our stream here with minor changes. [Edit: Note a correction to be updated later - Medium and Steemit are miscategorized re proprietary/open standards.] Many thanks to contributors.
Interesting chart/layout for categorizing things.

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