I’m a fan of the concept of George Lakoff’s “Truth Sandwich” idea in journalism. I’m curious with his recent spate of great publicity for it if any major outlets have taken it directly to heart? Are there any examples of major newspapers or online publishers taking it closely to heart? Has George or anyone created a news feed or Twitter account of articles covering Trump (or topics like the Alt-right, Nazis, etc.) that highlights articles which pull off the idea? I’d love to support journalism which goes to greater lengths to think about their coverage and it’s longer term effects. Having an ongoing list of articles as examples would help to extend the idea as well.

It would be cool to have something like NewsGuards’ browser extension for highlighting truth sandwiches, but I’m not sure how something like this could be built to be automated.

The best example of a truth sandwich I’ve come across thus far actually went a few steps further than the truth sandwich and chose not to cover what was sure to be untruth from the start: MSNBC declines to allow Sarah Sanders to dictate its programming (Washington Post).


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  1. yeah, maybe. it does seems like an excessive amount of work for something that can generally be handled by reading defensively with a healthy dose of skepticism. i generally don’t think this is necessary with @WTFJHT readers. ppl who read Reuters and ABC or whatever, yeah prob.

  2. thought same thing, but also, has ANY democratic candidate been taught by @GeorgeLakoff?This is TOO important not to speak & be involved w ppl running. He needs to address ALL democrats like at caucuses, etc. Also, I have decided that the mass media, esp social media is simply1/2

  3. 2/2 allowing the fringe gps to have too much of a audience. B4 social media, this kind of shit didn’t have ability to spread like disease, but now all the freaks of the world, can get ‘fed” their daily dose of venom, stupidity, and conspiracy theories all in one place. HORRIBLE!

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