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Read Some thoughts on: My Url Is (Episode 3) mostly around applying some indieweb concepts to the web accessibility space by Amanda J. RushAmanda J. Rush (Customer Servant Consultancy)
My URL Is is a podcast which features a new guest every two weeks to talk about how they got involved with the IndieWeb and what hopes, goals and aspirations they have for the community and for their website. The guests are a combination of those both new to the IndieWeb and those who have helped bu...
Some interesting thoughts about screen readers here.

As I think about it, I consider how I take for granted just how visual my consumption of websites is. Naturally when I look at a rendered page I can immediately see what is wrong with it while someone with impaired vision may not. What’s missing in either my CMS, my browser, or my bag of tools is a way to visually “see” or indicate the accessibility pieces my own website is missing or when they’re done improperly. If there were visual indicators in my administrative dashboard to tell me that accessibility pieces were missing from a page so that I could tell they were missing, then it would be as painfully obvious to me as if I had inadvertently put a picture in my post sideways. I know if I put a picture in sideways, I’d immediately go into my post, fix the photo, and republish. I know that if my CMS or even my browser was rendering my inaccessible pages to highlight the problems in red (and maybe turning those elements upside down), I’d be far more apt to fix them immediately so that they work not only for my visual bias, but for those who don’t have that luxury.

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