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The Shfela, or Shephelah, lit. "lowlands"[1] (Hebrewהַשְּפֵלָה‬, also שְׁפֵלַת יְהוּדָה‬, Shfelat Yehuda, the "Judaean foothills"), is a transitional region of soft-sloping hills in south-central Israel stretching over 10–15 km between the Judaean Mountains and the Coastal Plain. The different use of the term "Judean Plain", as either defining just the Coastal Plain segment stretching along the Judaean Mountains, or also including, or only referring to, the Shfela, often creates grave confusion.

Today the Shfela is largely rural with many farms.

The Bible assigned land in the Shfela to the tribes of Judah and Dan.

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