👓 2018: a year in gratitude | Mark A. Matienzo

Read 2018: a year in gratitude by Mark A. MatienzoMark A. Matienzo (Mark A. Matienzo)
This year was largely complicated and often felt like a massive garbage fire to myself and my crew. I didn‚Äôt accomplish a number of my goals and was inconsistent about others, so recapping awesome things I did doesn‚Äôt feel appropriate and also happens to be a soft reminder of either failure or things not going as planned. I also tend to hate ‚Äúbest of the year‚ÄĚ lists but I find them helpful to remember about where I found joy or the ability to connect to something outside of myself. I suppose this is an attempt to reconcile those things, or perhaps more in line with the end of year spirit, a way to articulate gratitude to the people and things around me that impacted me.

Interesting, but I’m not sure how this rates for cross-posting to IndieWeb News…

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