Replied to A new interview with Manton Reece of for 2019 by Colin DevroeColin Devroe (

Colin, thanks for the great interview and the overview of where is going.

I’m noticing in the responses section of your site (and on this particular post) that you’ve got a “Mentions” section, and that when I click on some avatars I get the original post while others (for Twitter) link to the profile page. This isn’t the typical Webmention plugin for WordPress behavior, so I’m curious what particular lines you’ve changed in the plugin and how as I’d love to have this behavior instead of the less useful links to the profiles that the plugin typically gives. Thanks!

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    1. Thanks Colin. I know the older version of the Webmention plugin used to do that but changed about a year or so ago. Perhaps you’re using the older version? I really miss that small subtlety.

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