📺 Ken Jeong: You Complete Me, Ho (2019) | Netflix

Watched Ken Jeong: You Complete Me, Ho (2019) from Netflix
Directed by Jon M. Chu. With Ken Jeong. Stand-up performance of comedian Ken Jeong recorded live at Pasadena, California.
This was more self-aggrandizement than it was real comedy. While there were a lot of biographical stories and self-congratulations, there just wasn’t as much comedy as I would have expected from a comedy special. I’m almost curious to go back and actually count the laughs and compare them with the applause portions to see which won out. 

Ken is obviously talented, but he seems to be relying too much on the past and not spending enough time charting a future. He also seemed to dip into the well of the “Ho” joke about 10 too many times.

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