🎵 Blackbird by The Beatles

Listened to Blackbird by The Beatles from The Beatles (Remastered)
I’ve set up Alexa to be able to syndicate listens of Amazon Music to my website.

Still needs a bit of work. Wish that Alexa could send URL links as part of it’s data load.

Not sure if I’ll do this frequently…

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2 thoughts on “🎵 Blackbird by The Beatles”

  1. Hmm. If I could easily do that with Apple Music, I would. But then again, it would probably clog my RSS feed and annoy readers.

  2. Khurt, I’ve only been doing it for a day, and it’s almost overwhelmed me already, much less subscribers. I’ve started by saving all the data as either drafts or private posts, so it’s only overwhelming me at the moment. I wrote a bit in the past about how do set things up so that email subscribers aren’t overwhelmed with data like this and it’s also possible to exclude certain tags/categories from your main RSS feed so that you don’t scare everyone off with a massive firehose of data there either. https://boffosocko.com/2016/12/18/rss-feeds-a-follow-up-on-my-indieweb-commitment-2017/.

    I’ve also been thinking about how all these posts potentially dovetail with my other listens which are almost solely podcasts and include mp3 enclosures so that others can subscribe to my faux-cast.

    I’ve had a separate site for a long time collecting scrobbles from Last.FM. I suspect I’ll start pushing all this data over there instead…

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