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Read How to Think Like a Front-End Developer (adactio.com)

Alright! It’s day two of An Event Apart in Seattle. The first speaker of the day is Chris Coyier. His talk is called How to Think Like a Front-End Developer. From the website:

The job title ‚Äúfront-end developer‚ÄĚ is very real: job boards around the world confirm that. But what is that job, exactly? What do you need to know to do it? You might think those answers are pretty cut and dried, but they‚Äôre anything but; front-end development is going through something of an identity crisis. In this engaging talk, Chris will explore this identity through the lens of someone who has self-identified as a front-end developer for a few decades, but more interestingly, through many conversations he‚Äôs had with other successful front-end developers. You‚Äôll see just how differently this job can be done and how differently people and companies can think of this role‚ÄĒnot just for the sake of doing so, but because you‚Äôll learn to be better at your own jobs by understanding how other people are good at theirs.

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