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Read Update: Creating and managing a lifestream as an Early Career Academic by Kay OddoneKay Oddone (Linking Learning)

I began this year with the plan to create a lifestream blog – something that curated observations, discoveries, articles, images, music – in fact any digital artefact – that I encountered or spent time thinking about as I started my role as lecturer at QUT here in Brisbane Australia.

You can read about the reasons for this decision, and what I hoped it might achieve in my earlier post, but I am taking time to say that my plan has taken a left-hand turn, and being the ‘perpetually in beta, flexible, digitally fluent’ (!) person that I am, I am going with this to see where it takes me.

I had spent some time setting up the If This Then That (IFTTT) applets which I hoped would automate the process of recording my lifestream, and in doing so, I have made some discoveries.

Wahoo! Someone else out there in the ether(net) has started a digital commonplace book and she’s documenting how’s she’s doing it. I love that she’s framed doing it as part of her professional growth.

It looks like Kay has run up against some of the same problems I’ve seen in the past (and for which I’ve found some useful solutions). It would appear that she’s at least come across the IndiWeb wiki and knows about Greg (I can tell from her commonplace!) but perhaps she’s not run into examples by Aaron Davis or Ian O’Byrne yet.

I’m going to have to propose a commonplace session at IndieWebCamp Online this weekend (and maybe for PressEd)… who’s game? Kay, if you’d like to join us there (or in chat anytime), we can probably get a group of people to talk about what they’ve built, how they did it, what they want to do, and how to improve on it all.

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  1. Thank you Chris for getting in touch! I was really excited when I came across the commonplace book idea, as this another way of naming the type of project I have been slowly working on. Up front I will say that I have limited back end technical skills (there were bits of the IndiWeb pages that I just didn’t understand…) however I was excited when I read about PESOS and POSSE and the different ways to curate and collate with an eye on maintaining ownership of your thoughts, and crediting the work of others. I’m looking forward to expanding this further…and will check out the examples you mention. (I am a subscriber and fan of the thinking of Ian O’Byrne, but did not see his Breadcrumbs site until late yesterday).

    1. There’s a page on the IndieWeb wiki with some details and reading. I’ve proposed a session for camp this weekend. Feel free to suggest times that might work for your timezone and we’ll work something out!

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    1. That 11pm Pacific is Friday night here, so roughly 6pm on Saturday in Australia. (Not Sunday.)

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