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I’m working on improving my content processing for my site. The focus is around making more “magic” happen on the fly for me. I should have mentions, auto tagging and emoji to HTML entity conversion ready soon. The one thing that I am sorely missing is the ability to address a group. And the more I think on it, the more I realize that intrinsically this might be something that requires a bit of coordination. My current plan of attack is to define a page that tags a bunch of people (or entities) and use that in a similar fashion to a person-tag. This would require that when a group page receives a reply from someone in that (public) group, they would get Webmentions as well. The page would serve as a pass through. This works for private messages cleanly. However, if you wanted to have a private group, the request to said group would have to be authenticated somehow. That part I haven’t figured out as of yet.

For now, my person tags and what not will be just fine!

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