Checked into Cross Campus
Attending Innovate Pasadena Friday morning coffee meetup

I had hoped for a lot more here, but was a tad disappointed. I heard her speaking slot had been pushed up, so perhaps there wasn’t as much prep, but I arrived about 10 minutes late to hear her speaking the words, “That’s all I’ve prepared…” Fortunately the crowd had a bunch of interesting questions that filled up the empty time.

I was disappointed to hear a lot of “blockchain is so awesome” evangelizing without any actual concrete examples of useful and successful stories at all. I’m still of the opinion that it’s purely for suckers and that it remains largely vaporware in every incarnation I’ve heard it being used in.

85 N Raymond Ave, Pasadena, CA, 91103, United States

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  1. Additional note to future attendees, I noticed someone getting a ticket right outside Cross Campus at 10 am because it’s a valet station afterwards. Most street parking is fine until 11, but watch out for the Doris Day parking spots right outside as they have small signs that say no parking after 10am.

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