Scrolling error on Annual Site Stats page

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Perhaps this is a native issue, but I suspect it’s JetPack functionality as it occurs both with a .org connected account as well as an domain both of which have a “Powered by JetPack” logo on the bottom of the page.

Steps to reproduce the issue

  1. Go to
  2. Scroll down the page (zoom in if necessary so that the table fills the entire screen; the error isn’t as or won’t be obvious on a new account or if one doesn’t have several years worth of data to view)

What I expected

I expected the entire chart and page to scroll down.

What happened instead

The Year column stayed fixed and the remainder of the chart scrolls down the page instead. Without zooming in/out on the entire page, one can’t visualize the data or have it align properly.

Here’s a shot of the misaligned static year column versus the remainder of the chart which scrolls up/down.
On a multi-column display the year column doesn't scroll in alignment with the remainder of the chart

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